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Stop Drips - Save Water - Save Money
Reduce Cross-Contamination

INSTANT-OFF automatically shuts-off the water as soon as you move your hand and will save 10,000 - 50,000 gallons of water per year

Home Series - The perfect solution for the entire family. No more leaving the water running while you brush your teeth or shave. And it’s ideal for the elderly and anyone with hand disabilities – no struggling with faucet handles. Move your hand away and the water stops immediately!

Pro Series - Save water and money and dramatically reduce cross-contamination of germs. The Pro Series is perfect for medical offices and the food care industry.

Water Saver Faucet Replacement Kits - No more high replacement costs of faucets in public facilities. INSTANT-OFF offers a high quality, vandal and theft proof solution in addition to saving money and helping to prevent the spread of germs. 

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Home Series
Eco Water Faucet

Eliminates Wasted Water
Reduces Water & Sewer Bills 

Pro Series

Reduces Cross-Contamination
Reduces Water & Sewer Bills 

Water Saving Faucets

The Solution to Reduce 
Cross-Contamination & Conserve Water at Hand-Wash Sinks & Restrooms