The perfect solution for the entire family. No more leaving the water running while you brush your teeth or shave. And it’s ideal for the elderly and anyone with hand disabilities – no struggling with faucet handles. Move your hand away and the water stops immediately! 

INSTANT-OFF is the most cost-effective tool to reduce cross-contamination, eliminate wasted water and stop drippy faucets. INSTANT-OFF has been scientifically proven to reduce cross contamination caused by touching faucet handles a major source of food borne illness. INSTANT-OFF is the choice of professionals because it's durable, reliable, uses no batteries or electricity, has a two year unconditional warranty and installation takes two minutes. 

INSTANT-OFF Water Saver Faucets have no handles and the water temperature is pre-set below the sink.  These are the most cost-effective faucets to upgrade the efficiency of your hand-wash sink or customer restroom.  No Handles = No Wasted Water - No Cross-Contamination - No Drippy Faucets!


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