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1After the INSTANT-OFF is installed, can I leave the water on all the time?HOME Series
2Are there replacement parts sold for the INSTANT-OFF?Multiple
3Can an INSTANT-OFF be installed directly onto threaded pipe?PRO Series
4Can I make the water run continuously like it does without an INSTANT-OFF?Multiple
5Despues de que el INSTANT-OFF este instalado, puedo dejar el agua en encendido todo el tiempo?Customers
6Do you make commercial models of the INSTANT-OFF?PRO Series
7Hay partes o repuestos a la venta, de INSTANT-OFF?Customers
8How can I make sure the INSTANT-OFF will fit my faucet?Multiple
9How do I activate Continuous Water Flow on an INSTANT-OFF?HOME Series
10How do I clean my INSTANT-OFF?Multiple
11How do I install the INSTANT-OFF?HOME Series
12How does INSTANT-OFF save so much water?Multiple
13How is the water temperature controlled with an INSTANT-OFF?Multiple
14How long will my INSTANT-OFF work?HOME Series
15How many years have you been making the INSTANT-OFF?Multiple
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